World Food Championships

The World Food Championships is the natural progression of the thousands of cooking competitions that take place across the globe each year. Tens of thousands of consumers will compete in a year-long trial to qualify for the World Food Championships. The World Food Championships takes over where Food Network leaves off – in the kitchen and backyard of every American home. Not fake made for TV stars – but everyday real consumers who simply believe they can. 

Nowhere in the culinary landscape is the spirit of integration and engagement more alive than at the World Food Championships, where the world’s most creative food champions face off for pride and culinary glory.

In 2016, the World Food Championships, which will feature a $100,000 grand prize this year, will take place in Orange Beach, AL., Nov 9-13. For more information: Catch a glimpse of the food frenzy, simply tune into the WFC's reality TV show, which aired last summer on A+E Network's new FYI network. The show features "joes" and "pros" from the 2013 event as they battle it out for bragging rights and hundreds of thousands of dollars over six episodes. For more information about the show visit: