2X World Burger Champion from Team Bull

Wade Fortin - 2013 & 2014 World Burger Champion

Signature Burger

"El Jefe” - The “El Jefe” is a chipotle butter stuffed ribeye cheeseburger with agave glazed bacon, roasted corn pico de gallo, avocado aioli, picante ketchup, and crispy tortilla strips. The key to this burger’s success is the fact that all the condiments simply work so well together. Nothing stands out too strong, but at the same time you can taste every layer of flavor. We tried hard to come up with a creation that could top this but have yet do so.

Infused Ingredient (Top Ten)

"El Guapo" - The challenge for this round was to create our best burger while infusing “honey” as the special ingredient into our recipe. The “El Guapo” is a honey chipotle stuffed ribeye cheeseburger with honey glazed peppered bacon, spicy quick pickles, honey powder dusted fried onions, honey BBQ aioli, on a honey-kissed Brioche bun. The idea behind this monster was to hit the judges with a ton of honey. We realized that honey can be very challenging when you are trying to get it to stand out in a dish, so we looked to incorporate honey anywhere we could.