Team Bull 2016

The 2016 World Food Championship descends upon the Alabama Gulf shores and Bull will be there to provide the competitors with 50 premium BBQ grills for their quest for food sport glory. Along with the grills, Bull also will be traveling with a team comprised of the reigning World Burger Champion, a past Team Bull Member, the Team mate of the two time World Burger Champion, a BBQ circuit Champion, and their Coach and Advisor Wade Fortin the 2013 and 2014 World Burger Champion. These Members along with the new Burger Masters who earned their spot on Team Bull 2016 will be poised to make a run at the title of World Burger Champion as they face a strong field of competitors from around the world.

Michael Carbo

Michael is a home cook who enjoys entertaining friends and family. Frequently, Michael participates in cooking competition events for fun and charities. Like most men from south Louisiana, Michael does most of the cooking in his household. His most memorable entertaining experience was a 13 corpse (course) Halloween Dinner in the Dark. Each guess was provided with sunglasses, and after each course the lighting was lowered. It was great to view how people experienced food without seeing it!

Dana Reed

Dana began competitive BBQ in 2009 with his brother and brother in law where they racked up quite a bit of wins including a 2011 New Jersey State Championship and Grilling championship at the 2012 Jack Daniels World Invitational. Reed has since sold the vending business, and ventured out with his wife and twin boys to compete, and The Reed Boyz are doing well...... including winning the 2016 NY Bull Burger Battle. Currently Dana is the Chief Volunteer Officer for Operation BBQ Relief, and executive director of Red, White and Que, an annual BBQ competition that help raises money and awareness for our wounded veterans and Operation BBQ Relief.

Daniel Wnek

Daniel and his team mate Alex Vorro make up the competitive cooking team ¾ Inch Burgers. The pair met in college where they both ran on the track and cross country teams at Loyola University Chicago. Neither Dan nor Alex have any formal culinary training, but both greatly enjoy cooking and carnivorous pastimes. Daniel is a full time biology teacher, lover of family, food, and sports. A first time Bull Burger Battle competitor and a first time winner. Dan has worked for over a year on his signature burgers and his focus paid off earning his way onto Team Bull 2016. His approach is simply scientific as he is looks forward to seeing how he stacks up against the rest of the world in this years World Burger Championships. .

Ron Otto

Head cook for Daddy O's BBQ, a KCBS competition BBQ team, Ron has won numerous awards for BBQ and national awards for his BBQ sauces. Otto owns an arsenal of smokers and in his free time studies the history of BBQ and collects Vintage BBQ books. Otto's love for all things BBQ has taken him across the country tasting barbecue throughout the United States. Ron has been a Burger Battle competitor in past Bull events, but this year's event was his year to win as he earned his spot on Team Bull 2016 with a Polynesian inspired Burger. He is also a vintage motorcycle enthusiast. 

Craig Baker

Craig worked his way through college in the back-of-the-house in various restaurants in Pennsylvania and Annapolis, Maryland. After college graduation, he followed his passion to Portland, Oregon and into the kitchen of Assaggio, a popular authentic Italian restaurant, where he served as Chef. Over the following 19 years, he has excelled in the industry. His first restaurant and bar, Echo, in Portland was ranked one of Portland’s top 50 restaurants in 04’-05’ and one of its top 10 new bars of 2004. In 2006, Craig sold Echo to his business partner and relocated to Indiana.

Craig also has had recognition for his work in culinary competitions, industry publications and in the press. Some of his recipes have been featured in the “Best of” lists in both Indianapolis and Portland. In 2012 he was named by Best Chef’s of America, Urban Spoons -Top 100 lists for Family Friendly Meals and Gluten Free in the country, Top 10 Cocktails -best of Charcuterie-Top Meals-Hot Spots by Indy Monthly. In 2010 Craig Baker and Derek Means opened The Local Eatery and Pub focusing on farm to table cuisine for families, not just foodies bringing the ideology home. The Local Eatery and Pub has also been recognized by national publications and radio for their mission to support local economies, farms and artisans.

Rusty Johnson

I have been competing in BBQ for four years now and this will be my second trip to the WFC! Last year I qualified in BBQ, so this year everything changes by qualifying for the World Burger Championships. I have won 3 Burger Qualifying events this year!!! All three qualifying events in the Pacific Northwest. Best thing for me is.......Burgers are not a side Category...... but the focus of all my energy and creativity. Super excited to take on the best Burger Chefs and Pitmasters the world has to Offer

Andrew Wiegand

Andrew is no stranger to team Bull, in fact this will be his 4th year in a row as a member of the team. As Sous Chef for two-time World Burger Champion, Wade Fortin, Andrew has had the advantage of the experience of being an integral part of winning back to back World Burger Championships. Now it his turn to take the lead and carve out his own destiny in the highly competitive world of food sport. "As a member of the 2 time World Burger Champion team Second City Smoke, I am looking forward to another great year at the World Food Championships. With the support of my wonderful family and amazing sponsor, Bull Outdoor Products, I have been able to follow my passion for cooking into the competitive world."