Baton Rouge 2016 Bull Burger Battle

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Michael Carbo takes all the glory and bragging rights at the 2016 Baton Rouge BULL Burger Battle hosted by Goodwood Hardware. The newly crowned Burger Master inched out his own son, Leighton Carbo, by thinking outside the box and executing a perfect Duck Burger. Leighton, a Sous Chef for Sullivan's Steak House thought he had a winner with his ultimate Breakfast Burger, but even though his burger scored well he couldn't top dear old dad. Rhonda Titus rounded out the top entries with her third place burger the All American Burger. The field was stacked with 17 of the best Burger creators in Louisiana including past Burger Battle Winners Jeffery Boudreaux and Chris Reine. When asked Michael Said "All I cared about was beating my son(sic)". Now he has 5 months to perfect his skills and prepare for the ultimate food fight, the World Food Championships, being held in Orange Beach Alabama.

Bull BBQ 2015 World Food Championships

Burger Battle Host

Goodwood Hardware

Goodwood Hardware & Outdoors is a store that focuses on customer service and quality.

Contact Name

Trent Boyd


7539 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806




2016 Bull Burger Battle Results- Baton Rouge, LA

Place Competitor Score
1 Michael Carbo 95.375
2 Leighton Carbo 92.875
3 Rhonda Titus 92.125
4 Ryan Andre 87.875
5 Carey Guglielmo 87.625
6 Robert Eiwin 87.375
7 Brian Boudreaux 87
8 John Smicker 87
9 Steve Hubbard 84.875
10 Beau Bourgious 83.625
11 wayne Cooper 83.625
12 Alex Hamman 83.25
13 Travis Dodson 82
14 Jettrey Boudreaux 81.5
15 Ryan Roton 81.125
16 Joseph Bruno 80.25
17 Chris Reine 78.5